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Pogo Game Loading Error

Pogo Game Loading Error

 When I try to load a game, a new window opens and I get the pogo screen it shows while loading the game. Then the screen closes and my main browser goes to a Game Loading Error page.

Problem Entering the Game


You have encountered an error. Please click here to find out more information that may help you resolve this issue.

Many issues can be resolved by applying some simple maintenance to your browser and Java software.

Pogo games require the Java plugin.

If you need further assistance, click here to view our Customer Support Helppage.

However when I click any of the places it says to click here I am taken to a page on EA's website that says "I'm not sure how you got here, but it's a dead end" or something to that effect. I have cleared everything out.

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How to configure a generic USB gamepad natively in Dead Space 2

Please note, you won't be able to configure the gamepad with the in-game controls menu.

Game Pad Configuration
For game pads which do not exhibit correct behavior, a custom configuration can be used to specify the actions that each button and joystick should be associated with. The file must be called joypad.txt and be located in the Dead Space™ 2 installation directory. An example file is located in that directory named joypad_example.txt. You can use this file by renaming it to joypad.txt.

In order to change the behavior of your game pad, you will need to change the value for the button and joystick axis entries. In order to find the correct values for these entries, first navigate to the ‘Game Controllers’ item in Control Panel with the game pad connected to the computer. Next select the game pad from the ‘Installed game controllers’ list and click the ‘Properties’ button. The Properties window should be displayed which will allow you to determine what the number of each of your game pads buttons is as well as the name of each of the joystick axes.

Buttons must be assigned a value of ‘Button.#’ where # is the number of the button.
For joystick axes, they must be assigned a value from the following list:
This list corresponds to the common axes that are used by game pads, as well a variant of each axis which is flipped or inverted.

After setting each of the button and joystick axis values, and renaming the file joypad.txt, when you start Dead Space™ 2 the configuration will be loaded. If a mistake has been made and the value of any of the buttons or joystick axes isn’t recognized, that button or joystick axis will do nothing in game.

Below is the original content of joypad_example.txt:


Originally Posted by joypad_example.txt

Pad.RightDPad.Left = Button.4
Pad.RightDPad.Down = Button.3
Pad.RightDPad.Right = Button.2
Pad.RightDPad.Up = Button.1

Pad.Trigger.LeftTop = Button.7
Pad.Trigger.LeftBottom = Button.5
Pad.Trigger.RightTop = Button.8
Pad.Trigger.RightBottom = Button.6

Pad.Start = Button.10
Pad.Back = Button.9

Pad.LeftStick.Click = Button.11
Pad.RightStick.Click = Button.12

Pad.LeftStick.X = X-Axis
Pad.LeftStick.Y = Y-Axis.Inverted

Pad.RightStick.X = Z-Axis
Pad.RightStick.Y = Z-Rotation

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Adobe Flash Player Problems in Pogo Game

Step 1 Checks the Flash Player Version on your computer

Step 2 Installs the lastest version of Flash Player

Step 3 Has tips for solving Flash Player Issues*

Installation issues (Windows | MAC)

Games, video, or audio issues (Windows | MAC)

At the bottom of the page you'll find these additional help aids:

Top issues

Common Flash Player issues
Flash Player issues with RealPlayer
Using Flash Player with Google Chrome
Flash Player issues on Windows 64-bit operating systems
Check the status of Flash Player version
Switching between release and debugger versions
Uninstalling Flash Player on Windows
Uninstalling Flash Player on Mac OS

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Vaults of Atlantis Slots pogo game

Unlock treasures in Vaults of Atlantis Slots, a free online multi-line slots game!

Tex spent months searching for the Vaults of Atlantis and he's finally hit the jackpot. It's up to you to help him unlock the vaults by making winning combinations. But beware! Danger lurks in the depths of the ocean
Treacherous Obstacles: Avoid the dangerous creatures or your tokens will be returned to the vaults
Line 'em up!: Unlock the vaults by lining up three or more treasure chests
Bonus Game: Match three Vault symbols to advance Tex Carter to the bonus game
Choose how many lines you wish to play. Vaults of Atlantis features 9 unique lines, extending from left to right in different patterns across the reels.
Place your bet (per line) by clicking either BET ONE or BET MAX. BET ONE will increase your bet by 1 Token each time you press it. BET MAX will bet 5 Tokens per line. (If you have less than 45 tokens, BET MAX will bet 5 Tokens on as many lines as you can afford to play.)
If you clicked BET ONE in Step 1, click on the "Play" button in the lower-right side of the screen to spin the reels. If you clicked BET MAX in Step 1, the reels will spin automatically.
Watch to see if you get a winning combination! To get a winning combination, symbols must line up in order from left to right on the pay line, starting from the first reel.
If you get 3 or more Treasure Chest symbols in a row starting from the first reel, you'll enter a Bonus Game room! Click on the Treasure Chests to reveal hidden treasure!
Once inside the vault, Tex can open as many Treasure Chests as there were Treasure Chest symbols on the pay line. After the game is complete, Tex exits the current vault and appears at the entrance to the next vault.
After exiting the fourth Treasure Chest vault, Tex will stand next to the stairs leading to the Atlantis Vault bonus game, and the Treasure Chest symbols will be replaced by the Atlantis Vault symbols. Matching 3 Atlantis Vault symbols will cause Tex to climb the stairs and play the Atlantis Vault bonus game.
In the Atlantis Vault bonus slots game, you can click on any "?" Panel available to reveal a bonus. For each successful selection, the bonus multiplier will increase by 1, and your next selection will be multiplied by that number. However, there are three Shark symbols on the board that will stop your progress if selected. All bonuses earned to that point will be awarded, but no further selections will be possible.
If a Shark, Eel, Swordfish, or Giant Squid symbol lands on the middle position of the 5th reel, Tex will quickly become the center of their attention! Any Tokens that would have been won on that spin will be taken back to the Vaults, but Tex will always come back to keep searching! In addition, any bonus multipliers earned in the Sarcophagus bonus game will be lost.

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Unable to play pogo game from aol 9.7 or laters?

Facing problem with your POGO Games. Recently with 5 days you one getting this problem an errors says that “JAVA DOWLOADING”? If click on to it won’t to any thing. The problem is just because of the compilation problem that occur on AOL to link up with JAVA software that gets used when anybody want to play Pogo Game through on, in order to get the patch for this problem click on to the link below.

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My Scrabble Application Won't Play on My Facebook


Scrabble on Facebook puts an online twist on the classic Scrabble board game. Using this application, you can play Scrabble online against any other Facebook friends who have installed the game. If you're having issues playing Scrabble on Facebook, or if the game refuses to load for you, there are a few troubleshooting steps available.


Install Flash if you haven't already. Adobe Flash is required to run Scrabble on Facebook. You can download Flash from the Adobe website (see Resources).
Update yourbrowser. If you're using Firefox or Chrome, you may have issues playing Scrabble on Facebook if you're not using the latest, most up-to-date version of your browser.
Play inside the United States or Canada. The Scrabble on Facebook application is not available to those outside the United States and Canada. If you're trying to play the game abroad, it will not load.

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How to cancel Club Pogo subscription

  • When you cancel your Club Pogo subscription, you can either choose to forfeit all remaining time on your subscription or you can choose to play out your remaining time left on your subscription.
  • If you decide to re-activate your account, you will be billed immediately. There is no free trial on re-activations.


To cancel your Club Pogo subscription, perform the steps listed below:
  • Go to
  • Log into your Club Pogo account.
  • Click the My Account button.  
  • You may be asked to re-enter your password (for security reasons)
  • Your screen should look something like this:
  • Click the 'My Subscription and Billing Information' link shown above. 
  • Then your screen should look something like:
  • Click the 'Cancel Subscription' link. 
  • You may be asked to re-enter your password (for security reasons)
  • Re-enter your password.
  • A new screen should appear asking to select a Club Pogo subscription cancellation option:

  • You have two options when cancelling; 1) cancel your subscription and forfeit the rest of your time or 2) you can play out the rest of your time. Please note, your card will not be charged again.
  • Click the 'Continue' button to confirm and cancel your subscription.
For regular (free) Pogo customers, there is no subscription fee, therefore cancellation is not required.

If you would like to disable your EA account (whether it's a paid or free account), which removes access to Pogo & EA sites altogether, you may request to disable your account by clicking the Contact Us button located at the top right of the article or click here. Please include the following information:
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Mozilla Firefox is blocking the Java Add-On in pogo game

 Mozilla Firefox is blocking the Java Add-On in pogo game

Although Internet Explorer is working just fine for me my main browser is Firefox and currently Mozilla Firefox is blocking the Java Add-On. If you are using Firefox you will see in your Add-ons Manager that Java has been disabled. There is a link there also that you can click for More Information that takes you to Mozilla. Here is what Mozilla has to say about it:
Java Plugin 7 update 10 and lower (click-to-play), Windows has been blocked for your protection.

Why was it blocked?

The Java plugin is causing significant security problems. All users are strongly recommended to keep the plugin disabled unless necessary.

Who is affected?

All users who have these versions of the plugin installed in Firefox 17 and above.
What does this mean

Pogo Game Java Error how to fix

While attempting to run Java based Pogo game a Security Warning dialog box appears.
Mac users cannot enter Text in to some Pogo games; like Crossword Cove, Scrabble or Boggle Bash.
          getting java error while playing pogo
1.install java error in pogo
    • Get the latest version here.
    • Test the version of Java you have to make sure it is the latest.
  1. Remove older versions of Java .
 error messages in pogo
  1. Enable automatic updates:
    This feature will ensure that you receive important security updates when they are released.
unable to install java for pogo
  1. Clear your Java cache periodically:
    • Learn how to clear your Call +1-855-517-2433(Toll Free)
  2. Verify that Java is enabled:
  3. Configure the settings of your firewall or anti-virus software:
    The most common problems are caused by settings of anti-virus, firewall, ad blocking or pop-up blocking software. To resolve one of these issue try to simply disable them and see if the problem goes away. If the problem goes away, then the next step is to figure out how to configure the software to still protect your system without preventing you from playing Pogo games. In this case, you should refer to the software’s manual or help files for detailed instructions on how to make the desired changes to the software.
  4. Use Java supported Web browsers:
    • Google Chrome on Mac OS X does not support Java 7.
      Get more information on running Java 7 using Chrome on Mac. +1-855-517-2433 (Pogo)
    • get java error in pogo Check system requirements to ensure any applets that uses Java will function properly.
  5. Get help from Pogo:
If you find these Pogo suggestions do not resolve your issue, please contact Pogo and request further assistance. Call +1-855-517-2433 (Toll Free)

unable to play pogo game|are you playing game from Aol

Facing problem with your POGO Games. Recently with 5 days you one getting this problem an errors says that “JAVA DOWLOADING”? If click on to it won’t to any thing. The problem is just because of the compilation problem that occur on AOL to link up with JAVA software that gets used when anybody want to play Pogo Game through on, in order to get the patch for this problem 
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