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Pogo Game Java Error

While attempting to run Java based Pogo game a Security Warning dialog box appears.
Mac users cannot enter Text in to some Pogo games; like Crossword Cove, Scrabble or Boggle Bash.
          getting java error while playing pogo
1.install java error in pogo
    • Get the latest version here.
    • Test the version of Java you have to make sure it is the latest.
  1. Remove older versions of Java .
 error messages in pogo
  1. Enable automatic updates:
    This feature will ensure that you receive important security updates when they are released.
unable to install java for pogo
  1. Clear your Java cache periodically:
    • Learn how to clear your Call +1-855-517-2433(Toll Free)
  2. Verify that Java is enabled:
  3. Configure the settings of your firewall or anti-virus software:
    The most common problems are caused by settings of anti-virus, firewall, ad blocking or pop-up blocking software. To resolve one of these issue try to simply disable them and see if the problem goes away. If the problem goes away, then the next step is to figure out how to configure the software to still protect your system without preventing you from playing Pogo games. In this case, you should refer to the software’s manual or help files for detailed instructions on how to make the desired changes to the software.
  4. Use Java supported Web browsers:
    • Google Chrome on Mac OS X does not support Java 7.
      Get more information on running Java 7 using Chrome on Mac. +1-855-517-2433 (Pogo)
    • get java error in pogo Check system requirements to ensure any applets that uses Java will function properly.
  5. Get help from Pogo:
If you find these Pogo suggestions do not resolve your issue, please contact Pogo and request further assistance. Call +1-855-517-2433 (Toll Free)

Mozilla Firefox is blocking the Java Add-On in pogo game

Although Internet Explorer is working just fine for me my main browser is Firefox and currently Mozilla Firefox is blocking the Java Add-On. If you are using Firefox you will see in your Add-ons Manager that Java has been disabled. There is a link there also that you can click for More Information that takes you to Mozilla. Here is what Mozilla has to say about it:
Java Plugin 7 update 10 and lower (click-to-play), Windows has been blocked for your protection.

Why was it blocked?
The Java plugin is causing significant security problems. All users are strongly recommended to keep the plugin disabled unless necessary.
Who is affected?
All users who have these versions of the plugin installed in Firefox 17 and above.
What does this mean

unable to play pogo game|are you playing game from Aol

Facing problem with your POGO Games. Recently with 5 days you one getting this problem an errors says that “JAVA DOWLOADING”? If click on to it won’t to any thing. The problem is just because of the compilation problem that occur on AOL to link up with JAVA software that gets used when anybody want to play Pogo Game through on, in order to get the patch for this problem 
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My Club Pogo subscription lapsed, and I want to renew. Will I lose all my badges, tokens, and progress?

lose all my badges, tokens, and progress in pogo game
Great news! It's very easy to re-subscribe to Club Pogo! If your subscription lapsed, or for whatever reason your credit card did not automatically renew, you can simply sign up again and re-activate your account. Once you've reactivated, you will see all your badges, tokens, ratings and previous progress.  To reactivate your account online, follow the steps below:


  1. Go to and click the Sign In link on the upper right-hand corner
  2. Enter your Screen Name and Password and click on the Sign In button
  3. Click on the Edit billing information link (second to last)
  4. Under your My Subscription Information section, you will see the status of your Club Pogo account. Click on Re-activate under the Options box on the right-hand side of the page
  5. You should now be taken to a sign up page where you can select your plan and enter your billing information

More Information: Call Us +1-855-517-2433 (Toll Free)

Are you having Java issues that prevent you from playing Pogo games?

you are having trouble playing Pogo games, you may not have Java installed or the updated version on your computer.
Check your Java version

Installing or updating Java
If you don't have Java, or don't have the most recent version, please perform a clean install/re-install of Java. Even if you do have the correct version, it can be helpful to uninstall and reinstall again to ensure that all older versions and/or corrupted files are removed from your computer.

You will also need to make sure that Java is enabled for your browser, otherwise you may still experiencing problems.

Firewalls, Proxies and Pogo
Pogo does not support Anti-Malware, Firewalls or Proxies. Using these can cause problems with loading and even prevent you from playing Pogo games at all. Learn more about Firewalls, Proxies, and Pogo.

Anti-Malware Programs and Pogo

If you find these Pogo suggestions do not resolve your issue, please contact Pogo and request further assistance. Call +1-855-517-2433 (Toll Free)
Many loading issues can be caused by anti-virus, firewall, ad blocking or pop-up blocking software. To resolve this, please disable these programs and see if the problem goes away. If the problem goes away, then you will want to figure out how to set-up not prevent you from playing Pogo games, yet still protect your system. We recommend reviewing your software’s manual or help files, or contact your software's customer support services, for instructions on how to best configure your software.

While Pogo does not officially support the use of Anti-malware, such as Anti-virus, Anti-adware, Anti-Spyware, Firewalls, etc., we do understand that such software is commonly used. So we we would like to suggest that Windows users in particular consider using Microsoft Security Essentials (For Windows 8 this is re-named Windows Defender). This is free from Microsoft and should protect you from the most common browser based attacks. Windows 8 should come with Windows Defender pre-installed.

Clear your Cache/Temporary Internet Files
Sometimes your cached files can become corrupted, or are just out-of-date. It's useful to regularly clear your cached browser and Java files.

Java announcement that concern Pogo games

Oracle has released an important new security update for the Java software. This is meant to address many security concerns with the Java software. We recommend updating your Java today to address these concerns. You can Update your Java here: The latest version is Java 7 Update 25.

  1. Pogo Changes How We Detect Java
We have made some important changes to how we detect Java on your system before you start one of Pogo?s many Java games.
As of Tuesday June 18th, we have removed the Java detection that was run when you loaded a Pogo game page. For a lot of users, it often falsely detected missing Java, and in some rarer cases browser lockups and crashes.
As of this update, we will now only detect Java on your system after you have clicked on the ?Play Now? button or clicked to get into a game-room.  At this point we will attempt to detect Java on your system. If our Java detection fails, you will now see a new error page with information on installing the latest Java, enabling Java on your browser if it has been disabled.
Be aware that you will still see a Java security popup messages as the game is loading. If you click the check-box and click ?OK? it will allow the game to continue to load. This should only have to be done once per individual Java game on Pogo.
If Java detection does fail, you will be shown an error screen with helpful information on how to install the latest Java, how to update your Java and links to more Java troubleshooting and help.
We have include a poll the end of this article so you can let us know if this has improved you ability to play games on Pogo.  We have also left comments open on this article if you want to share your experience with the latest Java detection, especially if you are having new/different errors.
Here are a few Java games on Pogo you can try:
Lost Temple Poker
Bingo Luau
Hangman Hijinks
Yahtzee Party
If you?re having issues with Java, Read More ( )

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