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Pogo games won’t load

If games on Pogo games won’t loadfor you, load very slowly, or give errors such as 'Please wait, Loading,' see below for information on the most common causes (and links to instructions on how to address them). Even still, there is a lot more information at your fingertips that you can find with some quick Internet searches.
First, let's try to rule out some specific issues:

  • Is the game you can't load any of the following: Poppit!, Word Whomp, First Class Solitaire, or a game without an in-game Chat option?
  • Does your computer lock up or reboot when you try to load a game?
  • Does the game that won't load have a Weekly Challenge going on, especially on Wednesdays?
  • Are you running Microsoft Vista and having trouble patching?
If you can rule the above issues out, here are steps to take if the server status Answer says things are OK:
If Java is installed on your machine but not enabled

If you're still having issues and you're certain that Java is installed on your machine, it may be disabled. All mainstream browsers have an option for enabling Java, which ensures any applets that use it will function properly. For a complete list of per-browser instructions for enabling Java, visit
Here's what to do if clearing your cache and making sure your Java is updated doesn't resolve the issue.
The most common causes of problems that players encounter when playing our games are simply caused by anti-virus, firewall, ad blocking, and pop-up blocking software. The easiest way to determine if one or more of these is the cause of the problem is to simply disable them and see if the problem goes away. If the problem goes away, then the next step is to figure out how to configure the software to still protect your system without preventing you from playing our games. In this case, you should refer to the software’s manual or help files for detailed instructions on how to make the desired changes to the software.
More Information: Call Pogo Tech Center +1-855-517-2433 (Toll Free)

Java Security Warning Info

Recent updates to Java means you’ve likely seen this message popup when playing a Pogo game. We’re serving the same games we’ve always have, but Java has changed. We’re working on addressing this as quickly as possible. In the meantime you can click “Don’t Block” and continue playing. 

What Mac OS versions does Pogo support

Pogo officially supports the following system requirements:
  • Mac OS X 10.4.8 or later.
  • Intel Macs are fully supported. PowerPC G4 and G5 are supported, as long as they run at least Mac OS X 10.4.8.
  • At least 384 MB of RAM.
What browsers does Pogo support?
Pogo officially supports the following system requirements:
  • Firefox 2 or later
  • Latest Safari

pogo is being slow

Go to your desktop background (on your computer)
Right click background image,
choose 'properties'
choose 'settings'

What 'screen resolution' are you using?
drag the bar to the right.

If this is already completely across;

What Web Browser/Application are you using?

Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari...?
You may want to check 'View' setting at the top of your screen.

Bingo Luau Game is not working

Check out Bingo Luau, the free Bingo game with a tropical twist!

It's a day at the beach in Bingo Luau – Pogo's free, tropical themed bingo game. While relaxing in the Pogo Tiki Hut, match the pattern on your Bingo cards before anyone else calls “BINGO”. The goal of the game is to mark enough numbers to match the pattern in the upper left corner, before anyone else does! Enjoy the feel of a Hawaiian luau while you compete to be the first person to call BINGO in this fun
B1 Prediction
At the beginning of this  each player has the opportunity to predict when the B1 ball will be drawn. If you predict correctly, you earn a token bonus.
Called Bingo Balls
Every time a number is called, that number will be displayed at the center of the screen. The five most recently called balls will appear to the right of the Called Balls table.
Multiple Bingo Patterns
In this there are many patterns in Bingo Luau, and these patterns change from game to game. You must match all the numbers in the displayed pattern and those numbers must be marked correctly on your Bingo card.
5 Ways to Win Tokens
There are five different ways to earn tokens in Bingo Luau! Bingos and Extra Bingos, Daubing Squares correctly marked, Team Bonus, B1 Prediction and Jackpot Spin.
Read More... 

Any Kind of Pogo Games Problems Call Us 
+1-855-517-2433 (Toll Free)

Pogo Java Error

While attempting to run Java based Pogo game a Security Warning dialog box appears.
Mac users cannot enter Text in to some Pogo games; like Crossword Cove, Scrabble or Boggle Bash.
          getting java error while playing pogo
1.install java error in pogo
    • Get the latest version here.
    • Test the version of Java you have to make sure it is the latest.
  1. Remove older versions of Java .
 error messages in pogo
  1. Enable automatic updates:
    This feature will ensure that you receive important security updates when they are released.
unable to install java for pogo
  1. Clear your Java cache periodically:
    • Learn how to clear your Call +1-855-517-2433(Toll Free)
  2. Verify that Java is enabled:
  3. Configure the settings of your firewall or anti-virus software:
    The most common problems are caused by settings of anti-virus, firewall, ad blocking or pop-up blocking software. To resolve one of these issue try to simply disable them and see if the problem goes away. If the problem goes away, then the next step is to figure out how to configure the software to still protect your system without preventing you from playing Pogo games. In this case, you should refer to the software’s manual or help files for detailed instructions on how to make the desired changes to the software.
  4. Use Java supported Web browsers:
    • Google Chrome on Mac OS X does not support Java 7.
      Get more information on running Java 7 using Chrome on Mac. +1-855-517-2433 (Pogo)
    • get java error in pogo Check system requirements to ensure any applets that uses Java will function properly.
  5. Get help from Pogo:
If you find these Pogo suggestions do not resolve your issue, please contact Pogo and request further assistance. Call +1-855-517-2433 (Toll Free)

unable to play pogo game|are you playing game from Aol

Facing problem with your POGO Games. Recently with 5 days you one getting this problem an errors says that “JAVA DOWLOADING”? If click on to it won’t to any thing. The problem is just because of the compilation problem that occur on AOL to link up with JAVA software that gets used when anybody want to play Pogo Game through on, in order to get the patch for this problem 
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any Kind of Pogo Game Problems Call Us
+1-855-517-2433 (Toll Free)

Bridge pogo game

Partner with a friend or make a new one in Bridge. It takes two to make a winning hand! Show off your card skills in Bridge, one of many online card games at™.
Bridge is a four player trick-taking card game where the players bid for a trump suit in auction before each hand. Be the first to score 100 points below the line to win!
  • Bridge Ratings: View other player's ratings so that you compete against players at your skill level in this free online game.
  • Bridge: Win two games to take the rubber and increase your ratings in this online card game.
  • Bidding Guide: Free card games like Bridge include a complete guide to help new players learn the subtle art of bidding.
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any Kind of Pogo Game Problems Call Us
+1-855-517-2433 (Toll Free)

Unable to Play Pogo Games in windows 8

1)   Download and install the latest flash player and Java from the links below:

Install Java in Internet Explorer:

 Restart the browser and check if you’re able to play the game fine.

2)   If installing flash player doesn’t fix the issue, followthe methods listed below:

A: Clear cached data in Internet Explorer in windows 8

To determine whether a performance issue or an error message is caused by corruption in the temporary Internet files or in other cached information that is used by Internet Explorer, you must clear cached data.  
 To do this, follow these steps:

1.    Open Internet Explorer in windows 8
2.    Click Safety, and then click Delete Browsing History.
3.    In Delete Browsing History area, click Delete.
A progress bar is displayed to indicate that the browsing history is being cleared. After this process is complete, test Internet Explorer to verify that it works correctly. If issues still occur, try Method 2.

B: Reset security settings for windows 8 Internet Explorer

If you configure security settings to be too restrictive, you may prevent Internet Explorer from displaying certain Web sites. To determine whether an issue is caused by overly restrictive security settings, revert to default security settings. To do this, follow these steps: 
1.    Open Internet Explorer.
2.    Click Tools, and then click Internet Options.
3.    Click the Security tab.
4.    Click Reset all zones to default level, and then click OK.

Are you having Java issues that prevent you from playing Pogo games?

you are having trouble playing Pogo games, you may not have Java installed or the updated version on your computer.
Check your Java version

Installing or updating Java
If you don't have Java, or don't have the most recent version, please perform a clean install/re-install of Java. Even if you do have the correct version, it can be helpful to uninstall and reinstall again to ensure that all older versions and/or corrupted files are removed from your computer.

You will also need to make sure that Java is enabled for your browser, otherwise you may still experiencing problems.

Firewalls, Proxies and Pogo
Pogo does not support Anti-Malware, Firewalls or Proxies. Using these can cause problems with loading and even prevent you from playing Pogo games at all. Learn more about Firewalls, Proxies, and Pogo.

Anti-Malware Programs and Pogo
Many loading issues can be caused by anti-virus, firewall, ad blocking or pop-up blocking software. To resolve this, please disable these programs and see if the problem goes away. If the problem goes away, then you will want to figure out how to set-up not prevent you from playing Pogo games, yet still protect your system. We recommend reviewing your software’s manual or help files, or contact your software's customer support services, for instructions on how to best configure your software.

While Pogo does not officially support the use of Anti-malware, such as Anti-virus, Anti-adware, Anti-Spyware, Firewalls, etc., we do understand that such software is commonly used. So we we would like to suggest that Windows users in particular consider using Microsoft Security Essentials (For Windows 8 this is re-named Windows Defender). This is free from Microsoft and should protect you from the most common browser based attacks. Windows 8 should come with Windows Defender pre-installed.

Clear your Cache/Temporary Internet Files
Sometimes your cached files can become corrupted, or are just out-of-date. It's useful to regularly clear your cached browser and Java files.