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Bingo Luau Game is not working

Check out Bingo Luau, the free Bingo game with a tropical twist!

It's a day at the beach in Bingo Luau – Pogo's free, tropical themed bingo game. While relaxing in the Pogo Tiki Hut, match the pattern on your Bingo cards before anyone else calls “BINGO”. The goal of the game is to mark enough numbers to match the pattern in the upper left corner, before anyone else does! Enjoy the feel of a Hawaiian luau while you compete to be the first person to call BINGO in this fun
B1 Prediction
At the beginning of this  each player has the opportunity to predict when the B1 ball will be drawn. If you predict correctly, you earn a token bonus.
Called Bingo Balls
Every time a number is called, that number will be displayed at the center of the screen. The five most recently called balls will appear to the right of the Called Balls table.
Multiple Bingo Patterns
In this there are many patterns in Bingo Luau, and these patterns change from game to game. You must match all the numbers in the displayed pattern and those numbers must be marked correctly on your Bingo card.
5 Ways to Win Tokens
There are five different ways to earn tokens in Bingo Luau! Bingos and Extra Bingos, Daubing Squares correctly marked, Team Bonus, B1 Prediction and Jackpot Spin.
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  1. Prediction for B1 in Pogo Bingo Luau DOES NOT give you the option at the beginning of the game to change your prediction........DOES NOT WORK, and I can't find the answer on how to fix it.....if there is a fixs

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