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Vaults of Atlantis Slots pogo game

Unlock treasures in Vaults of Atlantis Slots, a free online multi-line slots game!

Tex spent months searching for the Vaults of Atlantis and he's finally hit the jackpot. It's up to you to help him unlock the vaults by making winning combinations. But beware! Danger lurks in the depths of the ocean
Treacherous Obstacles: Avoid the dangerous creatures or your tokens will be returned to the vaults
Line 'em up!: Unlock the vaults by lining up three or more treasure chests
Bonus Game: Match three Vault symbols to advance Tex Carter to the bonus game
Choose how many lines you wish to play. Vaults of Atlantis features 9 unique lines, extending from left to right in different patterns across the reels.
Place your bet (per line) by clicking either BET ONE or BET MAX. BET ONE will increase your bet by 1 Token each time you press it. BET MAX will bet 5 Tokens per line. (If you have less than 45 tokens, BET MAX will bet 5 Tokens on as many lines as you can afford to play.)
If you clicked BET ONE in Step 1, click on the "Play" button in the lower-right side of the screen to spin the reels. If you clicked BET MAX in Step 1, the reels will spin automatically.
Watch to see if you get a winning combination! To get a winning combination, symbols must line up in order from left to right on the pay line, starting from the first reel.
If you get 3 or more Treasure Chest symbols in a row starting from the first reel, you'll enter a Bonus Game room! Click on the Treasure Chests to reveal hidden treasure!
Once inside the vault, Tex can open as many Treasure Chests as there were Treasure Chest symbols on the pay line. After the game is complete, Tex exits the current vault and appears at the entrance to the next vault.
After exiting the fourth Treasure Chest vault, Tex will stand next to the stairs leading to the Atlantis Vault bonus game, and the Treasure Chest symbols will be replaced by the Atlantis Vault symbols. Matching 3 Atlantis Vault symbols will cause Tex to climb the stairs and play the Atlantis Vault bonus game.
In the Atlantis Vault bonus slots game, you can click on any "?" Panel available to reveal a bonus. For each successful selection, the bonus multiplier will increase by 1, and your next selection will be multiplied by that number. However, there are three Shark symbols on the board that will stop your progress if selected. All bonuses earned to that point will be awarded, but no further selections will be possible.
If a Shark, Eel, Swordfish, or Giant Squid symbol lands on the middle position of the 5th reel, Tex will quickly become the center of their attention! Any Tokens that would have been won on that spin will be taken back to the Vaults, but Tex will always come back to keep searching! In addition, any bonus multipliers earned in the Sarcophagus bonus game will be lost.

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