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How to configure a generic USB gamepad natively in Dead Space 2

Please note, you won't be able to configure the gamepad with the in-game controls menu.

Game Pad Configuration
For game pads which do not exhibit correct behavior, a custom configuration can be used to specify the actions that each button and joystick should be associated with. The file must be called joypad.txt and be located in the Dead Space™ 2 installation directory. An example file is located in that directory named joypad_example.txt. You can use this file by renaming it to joypad.txt.

In order to change the behavior of your game pad, you will need to change the value for the button and joystick axis entries. In order to find the correct values for these entries, first navigate to the ‘Game Controllers’ item in Control Panel with the game pad connected to the computer. Next select the game pad from the ‘Installed game controllers’ list and click the ‘Properties’ button. The Properties window should be displayed which will allow you to determine what the number of each of your game pads buttons is as well as the name of each of the joystick axes.

Buttons must be assigned a value of ‘Button.#’ where # is the number of the button.
For joystick axes, they must be assigned a value from the following list:
This list corresponds to the common axes that are used by game pads, as well a variant of each axis which is flipped or inverted.

After setting each of the button and joystick axis values, and renaming the file joypad.txt, when you start Dead Space™ 2 the configuration will be loaded. If a mistake has been made and the value of any of the buttons or joystick axes isn’t recognized, that button or joystick axis will do nothing in game.

Below is the original content of joypad_example.txt:


Originally Posted by joypad_example.txt

Pad.RightDPad.Left = Button.4
Pad.RightDPad.Down = Button.3
Pad.RightDPad.Right = Button.2
Pad.RightDPad.Up = Button.1

Pad.Trigger.LeftTop = Button.7
Pad.Trigger.LeftBottom = Button.5
Pad.Trigger.RightTop = Button.8
Pad.Trigger.RightBottom = Button.6

Pad.Start = Button.10
Pad.Back = Button.9

Pad.LeftStick.Click = Button.11
Pad.RightStick.Click = Button.12

Pad.LeftStick.X = X-Axis
Pad.LeftStick.Y = Y-Axis.Inverted

Pad.RightStick.X = Z-Axis
Pad.RightStick.Y = Z-Rotation

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